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jet suit

Going beyond 3d technologies to return to art.

Art, a plain obvious fact. Using paper and pencil is a very effective way of getting your ideas down quickly and without long rendering times.

The story of Jetty began 2005


In the last 4 years the concept of jethead has been used by a few. One famous group called Pink Floyd in collaboration with Aardman animation company have used the theme of jethead. Another human resources company Manpower Group have used it in their advertisement campaign. Checkout an article of Manpower Groups advertisement campaign "I am more" by Dagens Media. To really see the history of Jetty checkout Jetty and his tragedy jumping from high buildings and befriending a capitalist who sees nothing more than a lawn for croquet.

How a big screen was built in a school hall.


In 2007 At the high school Johan Skytteskolan

got a big projector screen. Here are the preliminary 3d images of the big screen.