January.22.2019 8.25 am
Croquet vamp loves to play during twilight Fuel costs are becoming a strain on Jetties travelling budget Maiden flight A house by the strand Aerilhead trying to work out the signals from the noise
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Jetty matures Screen installation Screen installation 2 Jetty with out a helmet
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Malonemedia has a story about one abnormal character after another.
Jetty is a failed scientist who in his meger attempts to create independent flight crashes to his death.
His friendships with Elvar and Antenna head were moulded by many years of accidently encounters. For all parties involved these haphazard relationships generated a surprisingly fantastic amount of empathy and love.
What is important here is why did Jetty not take heed to his friends warnings? warnings that foretold the dangers his flying contraption posed to Jettys life.

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the crew in the story about a man destined to fall